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Robert asks: Can you tell me more about Type 2 diabetes?

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"I’m interesting in obtaining information on Type 2 diabetes. I have performed some research of my own and found studies that show Type 2 diabetes may respond to mineral supplementation through oral intake of Zinc in the dosage of 25 mg/day. The studies I’ve read indicates that Type 2 diabetics should probably take zinc supplements to control their insulin levels. As I found out through my research, Zinc plays a key role in the regulation of insulin production by pancreatic tissues and glucose utilization by muscles and fat cells.

I’m interesting in supporting normal body functioning with an over-the-counter dietary supplement product for health preventative purposes. Are there any non-pharmaceutical products available that could be beneficial for type 2 diabetes? Do you have any literature you could share?

Also, could you provide the names of any doctors or organizations that are involved with treating this disease?

Thank You, Robert"
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Wayne Yankus
Jun 15, 2009
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Robert this is a lot of good research.  Type 2 diabetes is a disease largely linked to the obesity epidemic in America.  High glucose levels, "dirty neck syndrome" or acanthosis nigrans are just some of the signs.  It is controlled by weight loss, diet, and medications.  they type of doctors who care for patients with this illness are endocrinologists.  There are no dietary supplements alone that can treat diabetes type 2.  have a conversation with your doctor or go on the web sites for the american academy of endocrinology or the american academy of pediatrics for more evidenced based information.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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