What does it mean when the school says your child doesn't qualify for summer school, while also wanting to retain him?

"I have a question to ask about this No Child Left Behind.  My son is currently in the 1st grade. They want him to be retained back due to they say he didn't master what he needed to go forth to the 2nd grade. I really don't know why he didn't master what he needed, cause suppose he had tutoring everyday. But the only thing is the tutoring was taught by a high school, that was on a work study program. So there forth, I don't feel he was being tutored. Now they say they are going to provide tutoring for him 2010-2011 year. But I really don't see the purpose if it didn't help. Especially if they have some high kid doing.  Teachers these days are so unprofessional. Have you all seen how they dress. When I was in school teachers didn't wear blue jeans and sandals to school. They try to make dress codes for the students. I feel they also need to make some for the teachers as well. But I just don't feel on how they did this and then they say he doesn't qualify for summer school. I didn't know qualify for summer, what is that. It just doesn't make any since."

Asked by Sonya in commenting on the article, "Obama on Early Childhood Education":
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Jun 4, 2010
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Sonya, I hear your frustration.  I would ask to have a conference with your son's teacher.  Go in with a list of questions like:
What skills didn't my son master?
Which ones did he master?
Do you think my son has a learning disability?
If so, when will he be tested?
How long does testing take?
Since you are retaining my son, will he have the same teacher?
What plan is going to be in place to make sure he will succeed next year?
What can I do to help my son at home this summer?
Why didn't he qualify for summer school?

As for the tutoring next year, I would give it another try.  Chances are your son will have a new tutor.  If not, request one.  Share with the tutor coordinator some of the information you learned at the conference such as the areas he is struggling with.  That way he can match up the right tutor with your son.  Ask for progress reports or have informal conversations with his tutor throughout the year.

The way teachers dress is a whole other issue.  Most school districts have a teachers' union.  And those contracts usually don't have dress codes.  So therefore teachers can dress any way they want.  I do agree with you that teachers should dress more professionally then they do - at least most of the time.  Jeans can be OK if worn with a dress shirt and nice shoes.  

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

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