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How do I get a school and district to acknowedlge that there is a bullying problem on a campus?

I have a 5th grader who has been continuously bullied.  I have been to the teacher and the principal numerous times with no luck.  I have contacted the school counselor with no response.  I have also been to the school district office with no response.  As it is now, my student has been suspended and dismissed from school because of a drawing showing his feelings regarding the bullying and the student who has been doing the bullying.  My 5th grader has been labeled a "terrorist threat"  because of this drawing, yet no one wants to deal with the bullying.  I have followed every step required and no one wants to deal with the situation.  Now, my other student in the same school is having problems with a bully smashing him into lockers and calling foul names.  There were witnesses to these attacks, but the school never filed any paperwork on this. So as far as the school district is concerned it never happened.  School should not be a place the my children fear.  Who else can I contact for help?
In Topics: Working with school administrators, School safety (not bullying), Bullying and teasing
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