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The school is not letting me skip my son up a grade, what to do?

My son is extremely intelligent, we had him tested last year (Kindergarten) and he scored "Very Superior". The school urged us to keep him in his grade because Kindergarten is more "fun" and age appropriate. We did but now in First grade he says he is bored and they are giving him spelling tests with 1-4 letter words (yes, A was on his test). He gets so bored he doesn't want to do the work and gets distracted. We had him tested again and now he is even higher:

Brief Cluster:
Reading - >99.9%ile (133)
Math - 97%ile (124)
Writing - 98%ile (129)
Academic Skills - 99%ile (132)
Academic Application - 99.8%ile (133)

They want to keep him in his grade, again, because of social levels, they say he is not trying to make friends and he is reading books below his score levels. I tried to explain that he is trying to fit in, that's why he is getting books below his level. Also, he is a split Choleric/Meloncholy temperament which means he isn't going to be a very social person.

Any thoughts? We have contemplated home schooling until later grades when they start to offer AP classes.
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I forgot to mention, I read an article on this site that says studies show that skipping can cause a boost in social activity due to the child being able to relate more with other students.  Seems to make sense to me, my son is grabbing books at a first grade level but is intellectually on a much higher one (he reads chapter books).

The article was at www.education.com/magazine/article/should_your_child_skip_a_grade/

He fits all of the criteria except that he is a bit of a perfectionist so IF which I doubt but IF, he were to fall back he may feel disappointed but I highly doubt he would fall back at all, not to mention, I'm not sure he is old enough to understand the entirety of falling back anyway so I don't feel that falling back is a concern.
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Karenmom writes:
I think the school is right.  They have no alternative motives to hold your child back.  It's great that he can read above grade level, as does my daughter, it places them at an advantage that they will need in higher grades.  Don't be in a hurry to rush him through, keep in mind, that he would be younger than the other children when they reach Jr. High School, which could be a problem then.  To keep him challenged, provide extra activities and enrich his skills.  I provide my daughter with lessons that are not covered on her grade level at this time, but she finds stimulating and it does help her overall to achieve more.  I've never considered trying to have my child "skip" a grade.  The school however, will notice if you have a gifted child and my school provides after school activities for these few children to increase their skill levels and challenge them.  Your school must have noticed by now and discussed the AIG (Academically & Intellectually Gifted) program with you.  It is an excellent program that I think you and your child will be satisfied with.  Best wishes!
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