Schools that Bully! Paying to Police & Criminalize Children With Disabilities!

My son had PDD, Executive Functioning Deficits, BPD & ADHD! He is frequently given out of school suspensions for using inappropriate language when he's angry, and sometimes for perceived rudeness, without profanity! I'm not condoning the behavior, but it is due to the combined conditions. Now the school, who use some of their education money to fund policing school! (this is not inner-city either, this is pretty rural, small town America, and not a high crime area) want to give my son, next time he uses a curse word, 15 days of after school detention, and have him investigated by the police, and go in front of a Judge to determine a disorderly conduct! The school paid for a neuropsychological evaluation, and his problems are physiologically based, also he is identified by Occupational Therapy as having fine motor deficits. The school don't want to accept that anything he does is due to a disability, in fact the principle refuses to believe anything exists, and thinks his policies should be the same for every student, regardless of whether they are considered to have a disability or not! None of this addresses his needs, it only causes more problems, anxiety and instability due to being constantly overwhelmed by the schools lack of reasonable efforts to help, and/or address discipline in a way that can have any positive outcome on my child at all, I don't know what to do next! It's illegal to not send him to school; though I feel at this stage, un-schooling would be better?
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> 60 days ago

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