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Can I send my child to school with a spy camera?

My son is in second grade and he has been telling me some disturbing things about his teacher. What do I do??
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Well when he goes to ask her a question she says things like "what you have something in your eye." My son said that she is mean to all of the kids, but she does help the others. One day he was daydreaming and he said she fussed him and told the other teacher that he needs to go back to central. I just don't want someone holding my child back from learning or making him feel stupid. He actually feels like he can not ask her a question. How is he ever going to learn if she never answers his questions?
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Jan 20, 2011
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I'm not sure what your definition of "disturbing things" means.  If you could give us an example or two, that would be helpful.

However, if you believe that the students (or anyone for that matter) is endanger, you need to contact the school immediately.  Give me specific examples of what your son says the teacher is doing or not doing.  Keep a journal so you can record dates, times and a brief description of the incidents.

You can also talk with other parents who have children in your son's class to see if their children are making the same accusations.  Don't turn it into a gossip episode, stick to the facts.

Volunteering in the classroom will allow you to see what's going on first hand.  I do not suggest either you or your son caring a spy camera.  I think that would get you into unnecessary trouble.  Leave that up to the authorities.  

Hope that helps.

Barb K

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JBilodeau10 writes:
You can buy backpacks that are all geared up just for these type situations. Though it may not be legal you can at least gain knowledge about what is going on in your child's classroom before you act. Here's a link to one but there may be others at various prices.

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