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Hi and Good day to you,
My name is Rebecca and I have 5 children, my youngest 2 children are a 2 and a half yr old and a 2 month old. My daughter was potty trained before I brought baby home except for at night with a pull up. Now I barely get her to tell me anymore when she has to go and her behavior is off the wall hyper, she likes the baby, she tries to hurt him. Also she doesn't have much of an appetite except she likes to drink skim milk several times during the day, but the weird thing is that she eats anything that isn't edible, charcoal ash, bit the tip off of a glass thermometer, wood,pencil erasers, what should I do if anything? Any advise would be helpful, thank you so much!    
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Mar 25, 2011
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Often, when a new baby comes home, an older sibling may regress in her behaviors.  Children may start to talk like babies, stop using the potty, etc.  To help your 2-year-old get through the stressful time of adjusting to the new baby, start to include her in all activities including the baby when developmentally appropriate and safe.  For example, ask her to bring a diaper when it is the time to change the baby, and have her hold the infant's hand while you do it.  Tell her that the bay likes when she is around, but right now she does not know how to play or talk.  Make it clear that hurting the baby is unacceptable, but if she gets angry she can roar like a lion.

Also, spend time with your daughter in one-on-one activities every day.  Set aside 10 minutes and do whatever activity she selects.  The time spent just with you will mean a lot to her.

The second issue that you presented, pica, or eating non-food items, needs to be addressed by your child's regular health care provider.  Your child should have her iron and lead levels checked.  Schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Bets regards.
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gabbyjones writes:
Several issues here, potty training- dont worry about it.
This is very common after the birth of a sibling, give it a rest for a while, she's trained, just needs the attention right now. Two-jealousy. Give her some responsibility. Like holding the little one for the afternoon feeding and picking out his clothes and her own for the day. (Pick first then give her 3 choices) Three- diet, she needs vitamins until she gets more of an appetite. Some deficiencies, like iron even cause loss of appetite. Research each thing she eats and the underlying deficiency, like... calcium deficiency- calcium is white and chalky, so she will eat raw potatoes, chalk, plaster, white chalky stuff. Look up online what her cravings mean and try to get her to nibble on foods high in what she needs. Also add a multivitamin.
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