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What are the side effects of using Andro and or DHEA?

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Wayne Yankus
May 18, 2010
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Any time you supplement or take a steroid like substance you suppress your body's ability to make its own. These are often not from natural sources and can cause harm. No physician would recommend them to a patient without a legitimate need.  Please ask your doctor this question.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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vicy_verghe... writes:
side effects of dhea:

1.like any and all androgenic steroid, dhea can cause hair lose, especially in men dhea tends to increase the level of dht(dihydrotestosteroni) along with testosteroni, and dht is a main cause in hair loss.
2.DHEA use can lead to acne problems as most of you probably know that testosteroni can cause acne problem among others.
3.DHEA can lead to menstrual irregularities in women. It can also accelerate facial hair growth, and deepen voice.
4.DHEA can convert to estrogen and this can lead to unwanted "feminine" charecteristics in men.
5.Long term use of DHEA can increase risk of brest cancer,overy cancer and prostate cancer.
6.DHEA can also lead to prostate enlargement.
7.Other DHEA side effects include irritability and restlessness.

side effects of andro:

1.Androstenedione suplementation may lead to elevated plasma estrogen concentration which can leads to breast develepment in men, breast cancer, pancriatic cancer.
2.Using androstenedione may lead to liver and kidney damge.
3.You may also experiance acne problems and oily skin-oily acne is assosiated with testosterone
4.It can lead to premature baldness in men.
5.Taking androstenedione can enlarge prostates, reduce sprem production, and increase aggresion.
6.Can also lead to testicle shrinkage, infertility, loss of libido, and even impotens.
7.Androstenedione can disrupt female menstrual cycles.
8.Deepens voice and increases facial hair growth and can also cause enlarged clitoris.
9.Can lower HDL clesterol( the good kind.
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jamessmith-08 writes:
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