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Should I sign something that's going to be placed in my child's record, because I disagree with a class room rule?

I disagree with a classroom rule because of the negative effects on my child. I discussed it with the teacher, principle, and board of education director.  Teacher was like they need to know what I expect. Principle was sign the paper to cover our behind. Education director said aren't you done venting? Rule is if my child scores below a 75 on a test he comes in from recess to change the answers and then can go back out after he hands back in the paper. 1) she does not change the grade. 2) the principle calls it intervention because they only see my child in black and white. 3) education director still doesn't care. My child said after this happened he hated school, didn't want to go back and felt like he was being picked on because she didn't help him with his answer she helped the other students so they got to go back out and he didn't. I asked if she went over why they were wrong if he said no. So I don't see any intervention being done. And not all parents are complaining just the one the kids don't like. And she hasn't sent out a class room rule she so I don't know them all just this one he disagrees with. So should I sign a paper the principle sent me to be placed in my child's record permit all to cover their behinds as he puts it, or do I advocate for my child further? He is open enrollment and they may choose not to accept him and this could affect his schooling. I don't want that, but I don't want my child to feel like he is being punished with this classroom rule.
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