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signs your son might be a perv or harming siblings

my soon to be 9 year old freaks me out sometimes , like tonight i went upstairs i heard them RUN to their beds and as i walked in my youngest was pulling up his pants so i asked my middle child what was going on and he said tearfully and scared to tell me , that my oldest told the youngest that if he wanted to sleep on the bottom bunk he had to lick his ____hole (exact words) and he has said this to them several times ( which i hear second hand) is this normal? is it normal to be gross like that or to flash your siblings oldest 9-youngest-4 ? im freaking out i did the no1 touches your area speech , threatened the oldest with calling authorities if i hear about something gross PLEASE HELP im so lost and so concerned :(
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Wayne Yankus
Apr 19, 2013
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Boys and girls at this age are normally curious about their bodies and want to be reassured that they are like others.  Most 9 year olds have discovered pleasurable feelings from their genitals.  The behavior you discovered and was related by your 4 year old is somewhat out of the ordinary.  Time for a conversation about privacy, touching, personal behavior, and boundaries. reassurance that the curiosity and feelings are normal but we leave others alone.  discuss this with your pediatrician or local mental health community clinic or a social worker at his school.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics
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