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Social Disorder in 9 Year Old?

My son is 9 years old and I am beginning to question if he perhaps has some sort of social disorder or if it is just lack of maturity.

First, he has very few friends.  He never asks to play with anyone and then gets mad when his sister (age 7), goes to one of her friends'; houses to play. He always asks, "How come she gets to play with her friends?", and I tell him he never asks to play with anyone.  I feel like he is too old for me to set up all his playdates. When I was his age I would go down the street on my own and find someone to play with, but he never does that.  

He also does not play with anyone during recess.  He says it is because he doesn't like the games the other children are playing.  However, when I ask his teacher how he is doing socially she says he is fine, he seems to have friends.  

Second, I can always tell when he is stressed because he will just keep yawning.  The other day we were at the pool and there were a bunch of boys near him playing.  He stood there yawning.  The same thing happends when he is the center of attention, such as getting up to bat during a baseball game or when he plays soccer.      

Does this seem like he is immature or like he really has a social disorder?  I don't want to bring him to a therapist unnecessarily.
Thank you.
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