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Too much socializing and Lacks focus, should I be concerned?

My 8 yr old 2nd grade Daugther is doing good according to her report card (E, S or S+) & (+ for Works Independently and Shows Respect for property).  However, she has check marks next to "Listens carefully, follows directions", "Uses time wisely" and "Practices self control".  And the teacher remarked that she is an "enthusiastic member" of the class.  But that her "socializing and lack of focus is a concern".  That she "often misses instructions and distracts students around her when she is talking".  That she also "needs reminding to complete her daily reading of 15 minutes".  From my perspective, my daughter is an only child.  She has asked often to be home schooled, which isn't an option for us.  She does need lots of reminding about getting ready in the mornings while still at home.  She loves art.  And I see her as enjoying reading.  This year she has asked if she could just read a book that she has interest in, Like Junie B Books, American Girl Books, etc.

Do you see anything that I should be concerned with?  I often had similar comments while in school from my teachers.  It was also hinted at, last year, that she could be ADD by her 1st grade teacher.  When I've asked family member that are also teachers, they haven't seen the ADD concerns.  I don't want to not take this serious, if I should be.  But I don't want to over react if this CAN be normal for her age.  Are there some things that we can try to change at home?  
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Oct 28, 2010
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Your daughter sounds to be bright and independent.  However, she needs to learn to follow instructions and do her work in order to succeed in school. Perhaps she has some ADD or ADHD traits; however, these conditions are not treated unless they interfere with the child's academic progression, social development, or safety.  Perhaps providing your daughter with a structure would help.  Talk with her teachers about how they can help with that.

Bets regards.
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pigtoria writes:
Hi GinIL….

It sounds like you have a typical and bright 8-year-olds who would rather be outside playing than being in the classroom and doing worksheets.  Lack of focus and inattentive are common issues with school-age children.  It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them.  Inattentiveness is usually a result of “lack of interest” – either a lack of interest in the topic/subject or in the teacher’s teaching style.  

I would like to share a story with you.  I also have a second grader and went to the first parent-teacher conference yesterday.  My son had been finishing his in-class assignments and he does his homework without help.  I think he is progressing nicely.  The report card I got yesterday was the worst since he started kindergarten.  After talking to the teacher, I realized that there was something wrong with the way the teacher assessed my son.  My son was reading 87 words per minute last year and now he’s reading 56 words per minutes.  The drop in the test scores was because the teacher didn’t tell my son that he was being tested.  He thought they were just reading for fun.  My son’s assessment scores were down across the board for all subjects – especially his math scores – which was his best subject.  

The point to the story is that, teachers have an average of 25 kids in their class and after spending only a few weeks with the kids, it’s not uncommon for the teachers to not really the know the kids well.  They don’t know what works and what doesn’t work on the child.  Give the teacher some more time with your daughter and the teacher will be able to find a way to redirect your daughter’s attention when necessary.

As a parent, you know your child best and if there is a problem, you would be the first to know.  I know my son’s intellectual abilities so I totally dismissed the report care.

Hope this helps!

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