scoobyandrus asks:

how do solve a long division problem?  ex.  31\248

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pigtoria writes:
Hi Scoobyandrus….

The answer to your example – 248 divided by 31 (248/31) = 8.  

But your question is how do you solve long division easily.  I don’t know if there is an easy way because unlike subtraction, addition, and multiplication, you get only one answer when you solve an equation.  With division problem, you can get two answers – the quotient and remainder.

Perhaps one way you can try  (a method that I do mentally when I solve division problem) is to round off all the numbers to have a zero at the last one or two numbers.  Take the above equation for example – “31”, you can round that off to “30”.  Since zero divided by anything is zero, 30 can then be translated to “3”.  The number “248” can be rounded off to “250” and then translated to “25”.  And you know that 25/3 is approximately 8 so I started with that number.  It turned out to be the answer.

Hope this helps!

> 60 days ago

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