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My son is 3 years old and will be 4 years old on August 3rd and he is autistic, when should he start school?

We just moved here from Florida in December, and I would like to sign him up for school. He attended Sharon Knowles School #5 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was in Pre-K, so when should he start here in Florida? And he also suffers from autism.
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Saritamama81 writes:
My son is 5 years old and also autistic. When I was not able to enroll him in our school district because they were full (when he was 3), I looked into private school but we could not afford it. I bought him his own laptop (used) and logged him on to and he enjoyed himself very much. I also bought workbooks for him and started to teach him myself. He is in kindergarten now but reads at a 1st grade level and completes 1st grade LA worksheets. I would also like to say it did take 2 years to teach him how to hold a pen and write. He still needs lots of practice with writing. Our ASD kids need lots of help. My son was born late in the year and I wasn't going to wait until he was 6 years old to start kindergarten.
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