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I have a son, 7 years, 1st grade. He has ADHD. I need help with explaining verbs, nouns and adjectives. When he finally understands, he never forgets.

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Feb 25, 2009
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Hi Mom,
You do not state whether you son is on any remedy for his ADHD? In order to give you a clear and presise answer I would need that information. Children that are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD are very bright in general and usually have high IQ's.
It would be my pleasure to answer your question once I have that knowledge.
thank you,
Barbara Antinoro
Educational Counselor
Kid Angel Foundatin Team

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Sylvia HS
Mar 15, 2009

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Hi Mrs. Faye,

It would be fun to teach your child about nouns, verbs, and adjectives, by using pictures.

With nouns, you could make a pretend camera (or you could use a real camera) and go around the house and outside, taking pictures of things.  Or, you could draw pictures of things, and have them displayed around the house.  You could even color-code them, i.e. all nouns could have a red background, for example.

For verbs, you could draw, or find, or take, pictures of people doing things.  They would show an action happening, even though it's not possible for actual movement to be shown in a picture.  Verb pictures could have a blue background, for example.

For adjectives, you could use all of the color words, with their own colored background.  Also, you could develop size words, and could make the big words, e.g. enormous, gigantic, with big backgrounds, and the small words, e.g. tiny, wee, with small backgrounds.  You could add any other adjective type words, e.g. shape, using creative ways to teach them.  You could cut the background for adjectives in a curved shape to distinguish them from nouns and verbs.

Then you could practice making sentences, using the cards you've made.  There are endless possibilities once you've begun.  Sentences always need to have a noun and a verb, but adjectives are a bonus!!

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Shynot2 , Caregiver, Parent writes:
I have a 13 year old son with bi-polar disorder as well as ADHD and some other issues.  I found with him that the best way to help him learn such things was to physically show him the differences.  The hands on approach worked very well with him, but I would suggest that it be a one on one situation when you do this.  That way there is a smaller chance that he will get too distracted to focus on what you are showing him.
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missk writes:
I have ADHD and what worked best for me was formulas.

Verbs are DOING words.
Nouns are NAMING words.
Adjectives are DESCRIBING words.

Keep it short and simple, us ADHDers don't have a huge attention span.....
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