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How can I get my son who has ADHD and has other Behavioral Disorders to stop lashing out at others and destroying his teacher's classroom? HELP!

My son is 8 years old and is very smart. He tests high in all subjects except following directions. He has severe ADHD and behavioral disorders as well as not being able to socialize properly for his age. Yes he has been properly diagnosed and is in treatment and on medication. He has a behavioral journal that his teacher fills out daily. He sees his psychologist and psychiatrist regularly. I have taken him to situational group therapy, family therapy, anger management therapy. He is triggered by many different things and he explodes. He throws chairs, shoes, pencils, books- anything he can throw, it goes flying. He screams at the teacher and causes disruptions. She has separated him from the rest of the class, he is isolated away from everyone. His episodes are not as often as they used to be, but they are more violent. I talk with him afterwards and he tells me what happened. I cant get him to understand that there are consequences for his actions.This past school year he was suspended, he had to leave school early and he was kicked out of his after-school program. I have had to teach him his lessons just so he doesn't fall behind in school. He is in summer school right now and just today he smacked a kid in his class for taking his paper airplane and giving it to the teacher. He exploded. I have tried all I can think of. i am at my wits end. HELP PLEASE! I just want my son to be happy again, like he used to be!
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I also need help in how to get my husband to see that ADHD is a serious condition and not some quacky excuse for my son to get away with not following directions. My husband can be hard on my son and I have to constantly remind my husband to back off and not get up in his face about everything.  I seen the two of them be fine one minute and arguing with each other the next. I am so tired of being referee and need some help with find different avenues to take, because I have exhausted the majority of the others. Thanks!
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Sorry to hear about your son's behavioral problems.  It sounds that his behaviors are getting out of control and the medication he takes is not working.  It's time to talk to a psychiatrist ASAP.  Everybody is differerent and sometimes it takes a trial of several medications before "the one" is found.  Also, your son's ADHD should be re-evaluated.  Many children with ADHD have other comorbid mental health issues, such as oppositional defiant disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. and need individualized management.

Best regards.

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Paulylb1 writes:
Hi new364055-

As a mother of a child that had ADHD know how frustrating it can get when your child act's out. It great that you have your son in therapy and that he's on the med's but, sometimes that just not enough. I don't know if you know about the effect of diet on children with ADHD and ADD. I your doctors have not told you it plays a very important part.

I was lucky enough to find this out when my son was only 6. These are a few of of the things that you should make sure to do with his diet.

1. Remove all product that are consumed my your child that contain Red Dye # 40 or any Red Dye's.

Red dye #40 has been banned for use in children's products in some countries, yet it has been allowed as "safe" for use here in America. If something is artificially colored red, pink, purple, or orange, chances are it contains Red Dye #40. They use it to make chocolate look "richer" and baked goods look more "golden".

It can be found in almost everything -- white and yellow store bought cake mixes, chocolate pudding mix, refrigerated crescent rolls, Kool-Aid, candy, cereals, Pop Tarts, cough syrup, Benadryl (how ironic!), cold medicine, and scores of other products. We've taught our son to READ ALL LABELS to be sure he doesn't ingest it.

Reactions include temper tantrums, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, uncontrollable crying and screaming, kicking, nervousness, dizziness, inability to concentrate and sit still among other findings. Physically you may get frequent headaches or migraines, upset stomach and feel ill after ingesting this additive. Often when Red 40 is eliminated from the child's diet a remarkable change is noticed immediately.

My son would be this angelic little boy and then when he consumed anything with Red Dye # 40 would become a complete demon child. His cheeks and ears would also, turn beat red whenever he consumed anything with the dye.

2. Caramel dye can also have this effect as well eliminate this too!

3. Eliminate sugar such as candy and sweets. Only give on special occasions.

4. Try to eliminate processed food as well as the additives are harmful to children and adults alike.

Give this a try I promise you that it will make a difference. We weened my son of of the ADD Med's 3-6 months after we changed his diet. He is now almost 15 years old and has never had to go back on Med's. He is a A student and is very well behaved. So, keep the faith it well get better!
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