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How can I tell if my son is getting the education that he needs or if he's ready for kindergarten?

I have a five year old son who was diagnosed with Autism when he was two.  He has some behavior problems such as: running around in class, not keeping his hands to himself, pushing others (not in a violent manner, we think this is a sensory thing), and the usual "taunting" not listening (say you tell him to chew with his mouth closed, he will sit there and stare at you while deliberately chewing with his mouth open still).  For the pushing others, we combat this with joint compressions, pressure vests, or belts with weights (he calls these his Spiderman utility belts).  However, his teacher that he has had since he started pre-k 2 years ago, recently retired.  So now he has to get used to a new teacher as well as numerous changes that are happening to the school with the new principal that came in after Christmas break.  The principal recently called me with the suggestion that he be moved back to half-day preschool because of his behavior issues.  This is upsetting.  I feel as though they are going to make him retake pre-k and I personally think this will be a mistake!  He can count 1-20, knows his ABCs and colors, he can write his letters and numbers, AND he's been learning how to read and even sounds out words that he doesn't know.  My husband and I feel that he isn't being challenged enough in class.  My question is: how can we find this out?  I joined this site in hopes of using the worksheets here to find out, but are there other ways?
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