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How can I get my son to be more interested in reading

My son is in the third grade and has trouble with reading. He was held back in first grade, he has always had a personal tutor and been in the reading program's at school every yr. His star reading report states his performance is comparable to that of an average kindergartner after the sixth month of the school yr. I have tried all kinds of ways to get him interested and to help him but nothing is working, its upsetting cause I knows it's hard for him not just in reading but in all subjects cause he has trouble reading the problems and text books and its only getting harder. Is there any ideas on how I can help him so he can get his levels up and start understanding better?
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webby1 writes:
If your son is having problems in all areas he needs to be tested by a professional to see if there is some underlying problem. He might be dyslectic or suffer from ADD or something like that. My daughter had ADD and had to go in for 'brain training' for 6 mos and after that all her scores on reading and every subject shot up. Past that, a reading expert should find books at his level and let him pick those that interest him so that it will be a fun experience. Some boys mature much more slowly than girls so that could be the problem too. Don't give up! CW
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