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My son was physically assaulted at school, no notification from school. Is there anything I can do?

My 6 year old son was assaulted by another 6 year old on the playground at school yesterday. I received no notification from the school at all.

My son got off the bus bruised, bloody and swollen. I do not mean a little shove, this child pushed my son's head into the asphalt on the playground. My son's face is full of "road-rash" looking scrapes. He has a swollen eye and swollen lips. His nose is the worst and is also swollen along with a good amount of bleeding. He also has deeper scratches on his cheeks.

He said that the playground attendant took him to his teacher, then his teacher took him to the three people knew of this incident but nobody notified me. His glasses were also broken in this altercation.

So, what can I do about the school not notifying me? I plan on taking him to school Monday to get some answers but would like to go in knowing my options. Secondly, am I responsible for his glasses or is that up to the school or other child's parents? Any and all information will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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