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My son would plain ignore most requests I make to him. he only respond if I mention consequences or make a conditional request.

My son is 4 years old and We're definitely in a "learning consequences" phase.

He'll ALWAYS respond if I say "We're not doing it until you do what I've ask you to do" or "Do this or lose a privilege" but I don't like to use this tone all the time. I'm looking for some ideas of new approach that might be more effective.
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Feb 10, 2009

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I feel your pain. We went through this quite a bit with our son and it's tough. Have you considered positive consequences instead of just negative ones? For example, you might make a sticker chart with what you want him to do each day (brush his teeth, listen to directions, clean his room-- whatever the goals are for behavior as well as chores/activities) and then if he does all of it well, he gets a sticker for that day. Then if he collects a certain number of stickers for the week, he gets a treat. For my son, our "treats" were not toys or junk food, they were special things with us, like a trip to the movies, or an adventure day where we went to the fire station or for a train ride... You get the idea. We also experimented with giving his a night light and letting him earn reading time "after bedtime". He would cooperate a lot to get those "extra ten minutes" because we told him that that was a bonus he could earn that was for big kids (which his little sister was too young for...)

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