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MY son will play for up to 3 hrs alone in his room. should I be worrying ?

My 4.5 yr old son plays up to 3 hrs alone in his room playing Lego, bulding blocks etc. I always go in to check and ask if I should play with him to which he replies " No, I'm fine Mama "

He seems to be completely absorbed in his won world building houses and cars and talking to himself.
I don't know of any other children that act like this. Should I talk to my Pediatrician?
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Boys Town National Hotline
Feb 25, 2012
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Taking your son for regular visits with the pediatrician is always a good idea for check-ups and to address any issues as they arise. As far as this situation, it seems like your son isn't engaging in any abnormal or inappropriate behaviors. Part of learning for a four-year-old is by exploring the world around them, which involves building and playing. Both of these activities are good ways for your son to develop his motor skills and build an understanding of the world around him. Play time is normal and healthy for a child his age. Giving your son some free time to himself to play and enjoy himself is a great thing to do.

If you are worried that he might not be getting as much social interaction as he should (social interaction is important for development as well) you might start to organize more play dates, take him to the park with you or dad, or do some things with him around the house he enjoys.

Check out this link, it might be an interesting read for you:

Boys Town National Hotline

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mrs.butzlaff writes:
i have a son that does that its fine u shouldnt worry my son is now 21 and a complete success at what he dose he lives in hollywood being a lawyer.
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