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My son is being retained in the second grade after going summer school; why?

Hi, my son was retained in the second grade. He passed all of his classes, but failed reading with a 66 average.
Summer school was recommended by his teacher and I signed him up and he went this summer. His summer school teacher sent
a weekly report card home for me to see his progress and sign, his first week he made a 85, second week 90, third week 81, and the
fourth and final week he made a 94. His summer school average was a 87.5. After summer school was over I called his school to see if he had been
promoted and the principle said that they didn't receive a folder for him. I waited another two weeks and called again and still no answer to my
question. After calling many other times and going to the school, the principle finally got back to me and said that my son would be retained. When I asked him why,
he said my son didn't meet the minimum requirements for the year to pass to the third grade. I asked him what was summer school for and he said "Well he just didn't do well enough
to be promoted." School starts on Tuesday 8/24/2010 and I don't know what to do. I believe my child will do fine in the third grade if given the chance. Can someone help me?
My son was so upset and so was I. He couldn't understand why he worked his butt off and missed going to his grandmother's in east Texas to do what was needed to be promoted
to the next grade and he is still retained. We live in Fort Worth, Texas and he goes to Crowley ISD. I appreciate any advice.
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Allyn Anderson
Apr 22, 2011
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This is a very unfortunate situation. Hopefully, you've had a chance to go back to your son's school and ask what the requirements or minimum standards are for a child to be promoted to the next grade and in what ways your child failed to master those requirement. Consider talking with the school's guidance counselor; sometimes they have more time to talk with parents and may have better knowledge of the tests used to evaluate your son initially.

You also might want to explore reading problems a bit more. I've attached a couple of web sites for your review.

Finally, if you didn't get a clear answer to your question at the school or if you are still disatisfied, consider writing a letter to your child's principal and asking that your child be evaluated for a possible learning disability that may prevent him from progressing as well as expected. This will start a timeline of events. Just remember to keep checking on the progress of the process until you are sure things are being addressed. Good luck on your endeavor.
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Reese1603 writes:
As far as I know, in my state (Minnesota) a parent has the right to over-ride the schools decision (in elementary) to be held back as long as the student can pass all the state tests. (I might be wrong). I am a new teacher, and I remember an incident in student teaching where the school wanted to hold the child back and the parents said no, and my mentor teacher told me there was nothing they could do. Granted, it was only first grade, but I would check into it.
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