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 Should my son take the SAT II exams?

We have a rising senior and he is applying to colleges. He has taken the SAT exams and did well.  And will take the ACT exams in September.   However, I thought it might be worthwhile for him to also take the SAT II exams.

Does anyone know about the benefits of a student taking the SAT II exams if it is not required by most of the schools he is applying?  (Some recommend it, but most do not.)

For the record, he has wants to pursue a career in law enforcement, has a good GPA and has taken AP courses.  He also is applying to many out of state schools.

Any information would be of value.

thank you!
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bob , Parent writes:
My daughter just took a couple of SAT II subject tests (math and physics) because the colleges she is applying to recommended them.  She studied A LOT for them, especially Physics, and scored very high.  I think the bottom line about the SAT II tests is this: only do them if you think you can do really well.  Scores in the mid/high 700s will open doors at colleges for you.   If you're not so good at writing, don't take the writing test.  Use the tests to show your strengths, but also study like crazy.

Getting into the good colleges is a competitive process.  Anything your son can do to differentiate himself will help him get accepted, and the SAT II tests, in my opinion, will make that difference if he studies hard and tests well.
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