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My son will not go back to school, assaulted again.

He has had a series of physical assaults since 7 years old. Now 15. Police involved. Previously left unconscious in street on way home last year.Sent home 2 weeks ago, suicidal. Attacked again in classroom over a week ago.Needs spinal xrays now due to attack aggravating scoliosis.Diagnosed with depression/anxiety oct.2010.School response was to send me letter saying he will not be eligible for leaving cert. Nothing about assault.I have photos of his back and the bruising.Can I get support for him to finish schooling at T.A.F.e.? He is in yr.9.
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it is physically impossible for me to drag him to school. I have no car and his transport scheme was cancelled by the school without telling us in Jan. He is abused on the bus and in the street.He has substantiated fears of further physical assault and he knows no action will be taken.I do not want legal action, I want my son to use his ability without fear. He was classed as gifted. His depression is getting worse due to physical assaults.
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Apr 9, 2012
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk,

I am so very sorry to hear about all the serious difficulties that have befallen your family.

Please, consider connecting with organizations in your area or nationally that help with children who have been abused, regardless of the environment.

To start you can connect here:

I wish you the peace and help for your son that you are seeking.

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Braja108 writes:
If he is suicidal, you will need to call 911.
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codyremmyloo , Parent writes:
I know this is a little old but my 12 year old was in a Charter School since Kindergarten, I had to pull him out, well the Dr did, Feb 29 this year. I coudl no longer even drag him into the school, hand him to a 1 on 1 and run, he started vomiting just pulling in the parking lot and would have a nervous stomach and diarrhea before I could get his across the parking lot.

They did address my concerns, even admitted he appeared to feel as if he was in "a state of doom and his life was at stake" but did nothing to stop the attacks. I also had polive involed, the other parent accused me of being insane and made comments that I could hit her anytime I wanted and she wouodl not call the police, but Im the bigger person here. I hope I remain that way in the case I were to see this family out in public, I hope I can walk away.

We have body scans from bruised kidneys, at 1 point they thought his spleen was ruptured, prior to leaving he had severe migraines for 2 years, many different antidepresants but nothing was working. He at 1 time ran in the bathroom with a very sharp knife and said "if your going to make me go back, Ill just kill myself now"

Ive heard stories of these things happening, seen the news but never like any partent thought it would happen to my child.

Since he has been home, his grades have improved dramatically, (straight A's til 2nd quarter 5h grade then downhill) the migraines mysterously went into remission, he sleeps well at night again, he smiles, he is off all meds except the for ADHD.

I did not want to homeschool, I believed in socialization and being "normal", there is nothing social about being picke don since Kindergarten and bullied by 3rd grade and beaten badly in 6th and its for sure not normal from where I came from.

Im not saying its easy to homeschool, Im not saying its hard, its just different. I feel like Im not doing enough but his grades show different, I found after some basic what do you know testing that all he really knew were math and LA, not much past life cycles in science or the Myans in social studie so we went back to Kindergarten with the state core and started over.

I hope things turn around for you, I am not sure how log we can make it with me at home full time but its what I have to do for him.
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