Should I let my son skip third grade?

"My child wants to skip a grade. He is in the 2nd grade and fixing to go to third grade. After kindergarten, I held him back in transition class. He is making A's and B'S. He has been asking to skip a grade since 1st grade but I am hesitant about it. I went on a class field trip with him and realized how much more mature he is than the rest of his class. Should I try to have him skip a grade or not?"

Asked by Pauletta in commenting on the article, "Should Your Child Skip a Grade?":
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fritzr writes:
If he has the maturity, knows the required material, and is all gung-ho about it, I think you should let him move up.  It seems to be a great opportunity to show him how much you believe in him.  The worst that happens is he can't keep up at the higher level or doesn't fit in and then you can move him back.  It won't scar him for life or anything.  My mother let me skip two grades and it made all the difference in the world as to how I viewed school.  Suddenly instead of being told what to do I was going to school on my terms.  I went from A's, B's and C's to straight A's overnight.
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