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In special ed for ages 18-21, what guidelines are there to keep the program in a cerified school and not be able to go to a vocational program?

i have a 18 year old son who needs more independent living skills. He is in the school system intil he is 21 I wanted to change his placement into a volcational program  The volcational  program is not state approved. i do not understand what guide lines they have for a self contained setting in a high school. Anyone that can help me i would be grateful. Thanks lynn
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htfogle writes:
I would assume your local school district has informed you of your parental rights and the rights of your son. At this age, and before, the school Individualized Education Planning Team, of which you are to be a member as well as your son, has developed a Transition Plan for your son. This plan is to include education and training he needs to be an independent adult upon exiting his public school experience. You, as the guardian, have the right to request an IEP Team meeting for the purpose of discussing your son's education and training needs as well as his educational placement. If the local school system does not have a program that will provide for the needs of your son, then you have a right to request a placement in a program outside of the local school system at local school system expense.

There are many factors that go into this decision so it is not as easy as it sounds. However, if you have your information lined up you should be able to persuade the school system of what a Free Appropriate Public Education looks like for your son at this point in his life.
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