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Starting children early?

My daughter misses the cutoff to begin Kindergarten by 20 days. She is very mature for her age mentally, academically,socially and physically. I try to keep her stimulated and challenged at home, but she gets bored very quickly and (correctly) completes my "assignments" in no time & wants to do more. (from Kindergarten websites & readiness programs).  
I'm worried this will be the case if I enroll her in PK this year instead. I also worry I'm just a parent who thinks their child is smarter then what they are.

Any thoughts on trying to enroll her in Kindergarten this year as apposed to waiting one more year?

My husband is in the military and we also will be PCS'ing within the next year, so I would be forced to transfer her from military base school to another. I had also thought of trying to home-school until then, but worry she desperately needs the social interaction of "school".
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Jun 18, 2011

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I teach preschool, and previously taught 1st grade, and I've seen this situation several times.  There is not one "right" answer, every child is different.  I have taught children who were ready, and went to private kindergartens, and then went on to first grade in public school the year that they would otherwise have been in public kindergarten.  In my private preschool, I teach the children what they are ready for - so my kiddos that miss the cut off date like your daughter get to stay with me in "preschool", but work on kindergarten level work if that is what they are ready for.  They get the benefit of the social interaction, as well as academics based on their needs.  Perhaps you could find a similar situation for your child?  Many former school teachers operate home child cares, and might have the education background to really help her, and I have heard the military child cares are wonderful.  I'd recommend looking for someone who can meet your child's needs now, and then see what the schools think is appropriate next year.  It is possible they'll have her skip kindergarten and go right into 1st grade (my son did, and for him it was the right decision) or they may keep her in kindergarten.  Either way, she gets both the social time and educational stimulation she's ready for, both this year, and next.

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momyork writes:
As a teacher, I say wait the extra year if your child doesn't make the cut off date.  If you start too early, no matter how smart, she will always be the youngest, and the maturity factor shows up around 6th grade. Her peers will be way ahead of her socially and physically.
You can't lose by giving her the gift of time.  It is a bonus year!
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