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If we stop cricket lessons, will we be teaching our son to give up?

"My son (6 years) loves his cricket lessons, but are very hard on himself and often says he is not as good as the other boys. If we stop the lessons, won't we teach him it's ok to give up?"

Asked by Louise in commenting on the article, "Boost Self Esteem":
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vdancer writes:
Dear Louise,

You say your son loves his cricket lessons.  That's a good sign!  If he hated them, you would have reason to consider stopping them.  He will get better as he practices and grows.  Not all children are good at the same things.  

That being said, some experts (including me) feel that 6 is quite young for competitive sports.  Their bodies are not ready for the intensity of training, and their hearts are not ready for the competition. In fact, studies show that 75% of children who begin sports before the age of 9 have quit by age 12, when playing a sport can be an important journey of puberty.

Perhaps you can watch the practice and see if it really is child-friendly and fun. If not, consider taking a break. Lots of free play, running, and romping will help him mature and grow, and find his way back to cricket when he's a wee bit older.
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