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if a student is threatened at school what is supposed to happen?

im a female attending high school and was threatened by a lowerclass male.  i was sitting at a table with a group of girls and the male came up and started talking to them and they told him to go away. i said you heard them go away.  he said man ill stab all of you motherfuckers at this table, so being me i stood up and gave him a piece of my mind and then walked away.  i then told the principal that he needed to get him because he was threatening people, not just me but also 4 other girls.  so i walked outside and he followed me outside and began his rant. he said first off i wasnt talking to you motherfucker, i was like first off i was sitting at that table so therefore you were talking to me, that was when a teacher broke us up and took us to the office.
last year a student got expelled because he threatened to bring a gun to school.  whats the difference in stabbing someone and shooting? its still doing harm and this kid was white, had good grades, was in band, no harm right? everyone loved him.
but the dude that threatened me is black, bad grades, bad attitutde, and capable of hurting someone.
what im wondering is wtf why didnt he get expelled also?
if i told a teacher i was going to stab them i'd get expelled right away!! what makes the teachers more special than the students? we have rights too!
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Boys Town National Hotline
Jan 30, 2012
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Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out. You are absolutely right about this boy's threats and rant being inappropriate, uncalled for, and intimidating. None of you girls sitting at the table deserved to be threatened like that in any fashion. The school has an obligation to protect it's students from harm, threat, or intimidation.

Who all have you spoken to at the school about the threat? If speaking with a particular teacher didn't prove to be helpful, then it is always a good idea to speak with other members of the faculty. Other teachers, the principal, school counselor, band leader, or a coach are all people who you could turn to. Some sort of disciplinary action deserves to be taken against this boy. Whether that punishment is expulsion, suspension, detention, or otherwise is up to the discretion of the school staff.

If you don't feel like the school faculty is doing enough to address the situation, then it might be a good idea to speak with a member of law enforcement about the threats. Also, keeping your parents in the loop the whole time will really provide you with their guidance and support as well. If the first person you turned to for help didn't take action, then reach out to another adult until you get a response.

Boys Town National Hotline
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jythomas writes:
There is no difference. I am a school teacher and ANYTIME I hear a student make any type of threat I write a behavior referral at that moment. Many times the student has mentioned they were just playing, but I can't take that chance because a child's safety is at stake. This student should have been suspended from school pending a hearing. You should make sure your parents are aware of this situation and hopefully they could make some things happen. Good luck and be safe.
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