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stebbinsd asks:

Studying abroad in the Philippines

On average, what does it cost to study abroad in the Philippines, in US Dollars?

I'm talking everything:  Tuition, fees, books, room, board, food, utilities, Internet (so I can email my parents and let them know not to worry), the whole cit-n-caboodle.
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> 60 days ago


Answers (1)

dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi, I hope that a former (and recent) study abroad student who went to the Philippines will answer your question with specifics. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you compile this information yourself... has a directory of schools and programs in the Philippines:

Here is another similar directory:

Another article with information you may find helpful:
Five Study Abroad Programs in the Philippines

There are also scholarships for studying in the Philippines:

You can also learn more about the cost of living in the Philippines from this site compiled by expats (foreigners) there:

You and your parents may also particularly appreciate this study abroad information center on

Good luck -- I hope you are successful in achieving your goal of studying in the Philippines.
> 60 days ago

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