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Summer-camp-at-home ideas

I'd love to have some help thinking of activities and ideas for having a camp-like experience at home this summer for 2nd-4th grade kids. Does anyone have any great ideas or resources?  Thanks!
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deenamathew writes:
The best activities for kids for the summer camps at home

Camp Games:

Chalk Twister  
Pool Noodle Javelin
Huge Board Game
Crate Tug-o-War
Bicycle Games
Field Day at Camp

Camp Crafts:

Friendship Bracelet
Pet Rocks & People
Tree People
Make a Compass

Camp Art:

Crayon Rubbing Art
Coloring pages
Stick Art

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Lisa18967 writes:
Tons of enjoyable activities that don't break the bank, truly, a family treat.

I learned very important points in this book... I usually do activities w/ my own family but mostly dependent on a huge budget. And it's sad that if we don't have funds, we just stay home and just do our personal stuff. Thanks to this book, it promotes having truly enjoyable moments even when you're just at your backyard or inside your home w/o spending much or none at all. Hey all, let's just be
creative and think of what's more important for our loved ones! Thumbs up for this book!
I really enjoyed this book. Not only is it full of great activities ideas to do with the kids during the hollidays, it also shows you how much stuff you can actually do without having to break the bank. I really liked several of these fun thing to do that I know kids will love. The author also shows you how you can make terrific schedule all the family will be excited about. The free templates are great tools to help you and are well thought out. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs to plan fun activitieswith the kids.
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