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how to teach my 28 month old toddler to share?

Hi all,

I am literally stressed out. I have a 28 month old who completely refuses to part with the things
(his cars,blanket and cars) that he is playing with. Ours is a joint family. My niece(18 months) and my nephew(3 yr old) stay with us too.  They don't have this sharing issue. The day care lady says my son is well behaved at day care and listens to her.

I have tried giving him timeouts(3 min timeouts), telling him lovingly and encouraging him when he does share during a very few instances. Otherwise he is a good kid.

Is his behavior because of the fact that he doesn't relate to them as siblings. He does not take/snatch others toys but if my niece or nephew touch his things he goes berserk and cries a lot. It takes some time before he calms down.

Is he doing this on purpose. Right now he has the tag of being extremely selfish by everyone including my husband. I am really embarasssed when he does that.

I am really scared that he will become selfish when he becomes big too. Will i be needing some professional help in changing him.

Any advice highly appreciated.

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