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Teacher blabbing grades for all to see

hi my 6th grade child has a teacher who passes out each test from highest to lowest.  everyone then knows "who the brains and who the dummies are"  my child who is an A student is very private and has expressed concern.  he said a girl who was the last to get her paper the other day looked like she was going to cry.  
  this teacher has a huge board on the wall that he ranks the top 10 students out of all his classes by gradepoint average each quarter.  he teaches the advanced math classes so these children are already motivated to excel.  
he seems to be creating so much competition to gun to be the best but ironically he lets the kids correct each others test papers.   my child has witnessed friends grading each others papers very dishonestly.   the teacher also does not want to answer questions and has the students that get it help those that are slower.   i think that this teacher is just lazy and bored an gets a kick out of seeing the students get ultra competitive.

do you think that this 6th grade math teach is out of line?
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sylvia writes:
Based on your comments, this teacher is definitely out of line. There are laws that prohibit teachers from disclosing students' grades to anyone other than the student and parent(s). Students grading the papers of others, though somewhat common, is typically prohibited as well. As a teacher, I know that violating these standards is unacceptable. My recommendation is going to the teacher first and voicing your concerns with a tone of problem solving, not attacking. If you do not get any promise of change, then go to the administration. If necessary, do some research on what the laws are in your state and guidelines for the district.
> 60 days ago

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