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beth.m. asks:

How far can a teacher go?

Recently my daughter's French teacher (my daughters in Grade 7) has been very mean to their class. She gives them weekly work, and this week she made them do two five page tests and only gave them two days to finish their weekly work (4 pages of verb translations, 8 sentences and a page to translate). But she was screaming and yelling at their class and then popped pills into her mouth, I'm unsure of the kind maybe Advil? But she is blaming them for everything and being very loud. Also singling children out in front of the whole class. Do you think this is a bit abusive? I've tried to talk to the principal but no one believes the parents and students.
In Topics: School and Academics, My Relationship with my child's school
> 60 days ago


Answers (1)

snazzylady1 , Parent writes:

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's school experience.  In this case since the principal is not able to address the issue, you may want to consider contacting the school board directly so that your concerns can be heard.  Usually, the principal has someone that they report to, and that individual reports to the school board directly.  

Tonya Simmons
Publisher/Certified Teacher
> 60 days ago

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