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Are teachers allowed to humiliate children in front of the class

My son is very timid and shy, yesterday his gym teacher used a girls pink hair clip to clip his fringe off his face, the whole class was laughing at him, surely this behaviour is not allowed. If she thinks his fringe is too long she should at least have sent a note to us about it.
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Mar 7, 2011
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A teacher's role is to educate a child.  If a student is dressed inappropriately a teacher can speak to the child but not in front of the whole class.  As someone else stated the teacher can send a note home or call the parent to discuss the child's hair.  If the "fringe" is not interfering in the student's learning hair should not be an issue.  You have the right to speak to an administrator at your school to explain the situation with the teacher and the administrator.  The goal of a teacher is to be a role model and increase a student's self esteem not to embarrass or humiliate a student.

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graham writes:
Hello tigs45

It is hard to say with out knowing more about the incident, whether the teacher was doing it as a purely practical measure, of it there was another motive. Did the teacher try to defend your son to the rest of the class?

You are right, the correct course of action would have been to send a note home expressing the teachers concerns with his hair interfering with his vision. The teacher should not be allowed to require your son to wear it. He could have sat out or wore a hat instead.

If you have concerns on the issue, I would bring it up to the school's principle/administration. You could also provide your son with a hat, hair band or other more 'masculine' way of keeping his hair in control while exorcising (plenty of soccer players use bands) if this is still an issue.

Best of luck.
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Karenmom writes:
Hi tigs 45,

Tell your son not to be discouraged or intimidated by this immature, unprofessional teacher.  Gym teachers are basically useless, but they should still be role models and set good examples for our children.  This one failed to do this, in fact, in my opinion, she is encouraging other children to be just as thoughtless and vulgar as she is.

I've not known the length of one's hair to create problems playing games or sports, if your son was having an issue with his hair creating a problem for him, I'm sure he would have mentioned it to you.  This teacher should know better than to use a "pink" girls clip to pin his hair and I'm sure he didn't need it pinned either.

General dress code does not include ball caps and mostly they are not allowed in school, so I wouldn't send him off to school with a cap, until you are certain of the dress code and hair bands or "sweatbands" would probably be frowned upon too, not too masculine in my opinion.  I would speak to my son to see if his hair is creating problems seeing or performing and if it don't, then I wouldn't do anything about changing his hair style, but I would speak with this teacher or principle regarding her behavior.  It is completely unacceptable.

Reassure you son, that he had done no wrong, the teacher is in the wrong and the other kids laughing was not directly making fun or teasing him, they were merely going along with the example that the "role model" set and I'm sure expected the other children's laughter.  They probably didn't agree with the teacher either, but have probably been the butt of this teacher's childish jokes before themselves and was glad to see the pressure on someone other than themselves.  This teacher didn't just invent this for a special occasion to embarrass your child, it is probably her pervert personality and he was just the chosen that day.

I wish you the best and although this wasn't too helpful, sometimes it's comforting to know that someone else can see the wrong in the actions of others and I am totally on your side with this.  Best of luck!

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