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How were you or your teen successful in getting off the wait list and accepted at a top college?

In the article, "5 Ways to Get Off the Wait List and into Your Top College" ( ), author and education expert Edward Fiske offers his recommendations for gaining an advantage to get off a college's wait list.

Do you have other ideas or strategies that worked for you or your college-bound teen? Thanks for sharing!
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Apr 19, 2010
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The resources mentioned in the URL are very, very good ideas, and I would follow this advice very carefully.

As a former high school guidance counselor, I have dealt with many students who were on the waiting list for a top college. The ones eventually accepted did a number of things;

1) They continually let the admissions office of the college know of their continuing interest- phone call, emails and letters.

2) They sent updated grades at the end of the semester, quarter, etc., to show their commitment to learning.

3) Some sent other information as it happened, like awards, honors,etc.

4) Others even went back to visit the college and meet with the admissions representatives even though they had visited earlier.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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