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What is the typical amount of weekly homework for a 1st grader?

My daughter's 1st grade class is assigned homework every Monday and it is due 3 days later.
This week she was assigned 9 pages of homework, in addition to the already 20 minutes of reading, and studying for the weekly spelling test of 12 words.
Does this amount sound typical for a 1st grade level?

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Oct 22, 2009
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This is a good question and does not have a pat answer.  dgraab has offered some good ideas and suggestions to consider.  The amount of homework assigned for lst graders has probably increased since parents were in first grade. Schools today are dedicated to students reaching certain standards and succeeding in standardized testing.

If your little girl is getting homework only on Monday and has three days to complete this, it might be reasonable. Typical is hard to determine without doing research on many first grades and comparing the information.

However, the amount of assigned homework that a little one can reasonably manage may very day to day and week to week.  What your own child can handle is an important issue to observe and address.  Here is what I advise the parents I work with.  Help your son/daughter with the work as your time allows.  Offer breaks from the work and snacks as the attention span requires.  Give encouragement and if she fizzles out, refrain from seeing this as a failure or getting too worried.
Send a note in to the teacher the next day with the reason and the area she needs to be helped with.

If you see a chronic problem with the volume of work develop for your child over time, do set up an appointment and talk to the teacher about your daughter's individual needs. You may or may not be able to affect the way the teacher assigns work in general, but you might have a chance of impacting what needs to happen for your child.  Always take a collaborative approach when meeting with the teacher.  You are on the same team working for your child's academic and life success.

Bette J. Freedson, LICSW, LCSW, CGP

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dgraab , Parent writes:
Hi, When my daughter was in first grade (in California), she had 2-3 pages of homework each night, four nights a week, and spent up to an hour on the more difficult assignments, but typically only spent about 1/2 hour each night completing her assignments. We also did some reading and sight word work as much as possible, in addition to the homework.
I think it is a good idea to talk with the teacher about any questions or concerns you have regarding your daughter's education, including homework assignments. Seems a great topic for your next parent-teacher conference.
You might also talk to other parents at school to see if there are many students in the class who are likewise concerned or struggling with the homework volume and time commitment. If so, that might also inspire the teacher to re-think the assignments, and adjust volume or complexity.
Below are some Education.com articles that may also offer some insights for you.

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kat2800 writes:
My daughters have received a homework packet that they get a week to complete.  it includes a math assignment, a reading/comprehension sheet,  and vocab practice.  They pass them in on the following Friday and have a spelling test on the words they worked with that week.  We also turn in an independent reading log.
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