ConnieStasiuk asks:

Help me understand the No Child Left Behind act

I have two questions:
1) Is it true that under this act a child has the opportunity to follow an older sibling in schools, even if you no longer live in the district you lived where your older sibling attend. I had two children who attended a middle and high school(and since have graduated from this school) and we no longer live in that district while there has been a few years gone by now their younger sister is going into middle school and wants to atten that same school, can the "leave no child behind act" allow my younger child to attend the school her older siblings attended even though we are now out of that district ?
2) I also have a child going into high school who is on an IEP for several years now, she has had some to little success to getting off this IEP through out the years. She does not want to attend the high school in her neighboring district so we went through the channels to try and get a transfer to the high school she was interested in, being unsuccessfull. Is there a way to implicate this leave no child behind act into affect to help her b eable to attend the high school she wants, i think that attending where she wants is a strong variable in her success.  Can anyone please give me some advice on this delema i woud greatly appreciate it!
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KidAngel writes:
Hi Connie,
The Children€™s Literacy Charity of which I am the Founder is a NCLB, Supplemental Educational Service Provider. In other words we are an approved provider for the State of California. I do not know what state you live in but because NCLB is a Federal Program what I am going to relay to you would apply no matter where you lived.
You did not say whether the schools that your children were attending where receiving funding from the NCLB program. That is the KEY. Only the schools that the Federal Gov't deem UNDER PERFORMING qualify for the benefits. The schools that your children attend are bound by the NCLB laws to notify all parents of children that are qualified for the funding. IF they are currently attending schools that are deemed under performing then yes you do have the right to transfer schools. If they are not attending schools that are qualified to receiving funding under the NCLB act then I am sorry to say there is no option to transfer schools out of your district. You would basically need to physically move to the district that you prefer your children to attend. IF you are not getting an help from the district on how to get her into the high school of her choice then that is pretty much the answer. They are basically saying that the high school in the district where you live must not be a NLCB funded school. If it was they could absolutely get her transferred. The districts hands are tied if it is not.
I know this is not the answer you wanted. The Federal NCLB Program is not without fault, but it is the best we have so far. Here is the Federal NCLB website that will give you more information if needed:
If I can be of any further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reply. Best you! I wish you success in finding your solutions.

Barbara Antinoro
Educational Counselor
Kid Angel Foundation Team
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