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Help I'm a visual learner who seeks guidance in acting?

Hi, I am young 15 year old girl who is a visual learner the problem is with is that I really want to pursue a career in acting but i'm just not sure how i am going to memorise a whole script and follow instructions?

p.s sometimes i think this is a burden because i never seem to get anything right because i am a visual learner:(
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Feb 18, 2011
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Hello and thank you for writing to JustAsk!

First, let me tell you that many actors have learning challenges. I know because I am the mom of a successful professional actor who has a history of learning disabilities.  She too is a visual learner and was able to memorize scripts (and improve her reading skills) by doing a few interesting techniques.  

First, she often used different color pens to help her memorize concepts.  Color coding was helpful for retention of information.

Second, she wrote a lot of what she needed to learn in script format.  To know what that is, go to the library and take out some simple TV script books.  It is a fun way to learn and will help with script rehearsing.

Third-My daughter learned a few good monologues and these too can be found at a library.  (see Teen Monologues as the search words).

Fourth- She took a 'zillion' acting classes, many free or inexpensive.  So try and take acting classes.  Go to recreation programs, community colleges, your school, private lessons- it doesn't matter where you get the experience- just get some under your "belt".  Once you start to act and see you can be successful then you will gain some much needed confidence!

Fifth- Practice with a friend! Make it fun!  It helps so many kids to work together!

Sixth- WRITE a script.  I believe, the best way to learn how to read a script is to write one!!  And if you want, try and film your endeavor!!

If you have a dream then try your best to reach your goals by being prepared.  This includes being able to gain some confidence.  Also, know that the professional acting career is TOUGH!  Many start small and stay in small markets, such as their local areas.  A piece of advice we received was NOT to go to Hollywood until one was very prepared and ready.  

For more information go to

Also, you may wish to peruse to see what experience many known actors have had prior to making it "big".  (And how many thousands there are who work as not so big actors.  Also, you can obtain information about those with learning challenges..)

GOOD LUCK!! BREAK A LEG (in the acting sense)....

Louise Sattler
Mom of an actor and
School Psychologist

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A good way of enabling the memorizing of lines is to record them, and listen through headphones as often as possible.
The good thing about hearing the lines in this way is that we tend to create strong visual images to the sound, thereby the associated pictures will begin to come into play once you are more familiar with a script, and serve like visual cues!
Don't be put off, there is always a way to learn, so don't be afraid to experiment :-)

Lot's of luck, and pursue your dream...
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CJA829 writes:

As the other answer suggests, reading the dialogue outloud and recording it to playback and listen to later is a great technique to try. Also, just repetition - saying and acting out those lines and scenes will help.
Don't just sit down reading the lines over and over, get up and "act out" the scene while you say the dialogue. If it says in the script that you [shakes fist in the air] while you speak then do that. Adding actions and gestures might help ground you in the words and script, and hopefully the character.

There are other tips to memorizing lines, just find one that works for you.

Good luck!

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