msullivan77 asks:

I am very worried about my five year olds behavior

My son just turned 5 in February and his behavior has always been at the very least difficult. As he gets older it seems to get worse, he takes his clothes off at inappropriate times, stacks EVERYTHING he can find, throws tantrums that are unbelievable, screams, curses, hits, kicks, spits, and NEVER does what is asked of him. He speaks at about the level of a two or three year old, I am his designated translator. He is extremely hyper all the time so hyper that he ends up with bruises and scratches up and down his little body. I am afraid he is going to seriously hurt himself. I love him and want the best for him, I'm just not sure what can be done since I'm not sure what the problem is.... any suggestions?
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Wayne Yankus
Mar 20, 2012
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Dear Msullivan:

Start with a physical examination at your pediatricians office and ask for extra time to discuss your son's behavior.  Your pediatrician will, no doubt, recommend an evaluation by a developmental pediatrician--some one trained in autism, Aspergers, ADHD and related behaviors.  A child psychiatrist would be another alternative.  In any case start with your pediatrician who can help you go in the right direction for life skills for your son and his education.Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
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Best wishes.

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sunny03 writes:
First, try not to get discouraged. My younger brother had many similar issues when he was young and as a single parent my mom had a very tough time dealing with it but somehow she managed. You can too! She did as the previous poster suggested and took him to several doctors. Some just told her he was just an active boy. She didn't listen and kept persevering until she found doctors who would help him. He was eventually put on a couple of different medications that helped tremendously. If you see a doctor who doesn’t take you and your son seriously, find another one! Since this could take a while I would like to make another suggestion that you can implement immediately...
My daughter is almost 6 and a couple of years ago started displaying many behaviors similar to my brother’s. They were identical behaviors but less severe. I chose to try a more natural method before going for meds. I took her off all animal products; no meat, dairy, fish, nothing. This actually made a difference! I noticed a change in about a week! She was calmer and less aggressive. She was still having trouble concentrating so I went a step further and we went off all foods that are highly processed, sugary, or dyed. Again, I noticed a drastic improvement. She was able to concentrate better. Now we eat only whole wheat pastas/breads and lots of fruits, veggies, and beans. She only drinks water and may have 6 oz of 100% fruit juice per day. I keep nuts, dried fruits, lite popcorn and whole wheat crackers for snacks. Breakfast is fruit and whole wheat waffles with almond butter & applesauce or oatmeal or kashi cereal. It was a big change but the results are incredible!
I also decided to pay more attention to what she watches on TV. I thought I was being careful but I started noticing that some of her “kid’s shows” actually had some or even a lot of violence in them. So now she is only allowed 1 show a day and it must be educational, have nothing even remotely violent, and be a calm show. I even stopped letting her watch Diego. Although it is very educational I find that it is a very loud and active show. So we stick to things like Blue or Sid the Science Kid or Word World or Animal Planet shows. Oh, and it has to be on either Netflix or PBS so there aren’t any commercials.
I never thought that I would turn into a “natural nut” but I have found the improvement in my daughter to be so positive that I just can’t go back. I know it sounds a little out there but just try it!  Try it for 1 month. It might not help but it definitely can’t hurt and just think about how great it would be if it did help!
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