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What is up with this two year old boy??

I watch a two different two year old boys everyday along with my own daughter. The one boy's behavior has me very concerned that something is wrong. He is the most aggressive child I have ever seen in my life. He just turned two and seems to take pleasure out of hurting everyone around him. He bites, pinches, slaps, hits in the face with toys, pushes, stomps on toes, drags onto the floor and repeatedly kicks, ALL DAY LONG! The weird thing is that he is not angry when he is doing it. He isn't frustrated and he isn't sad. In fact in the past few months I haven't seen him show ANY emotion except excitement. When I discipline him with repeated time outs, this doesn't bother him. He will happily sit quietly for long periods of time when in time out. When he isn't in time out he uses all of his energy to hurt the kids, break the toys and smash everything. I try to show him more appropriate behavior but he will not listen. He cannot sit still for two seconds no matter what. He won't look me in the eyes. He is two years old and only says one word, (a friends name according to his mom). He constantly screams it inappropriately but he rarely says anything else. He is very obsessed with clips. Clips on backpacks, seat belts, kids swing, highchairs. He spends all day doing them up and breaking them. It is the only time he is not hurting someone. Could this be a sign he is abused? Or has autism or adhd? I need help, I don't know what to do. I'm not his mother
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BrendaKayden writes:
I would ask the child's mother not to bring him until she can figure out what is going on. Bless your heart for attempting to take on this great challenge. 2 years as you know constantly toe the line of what is appropriate just to see where the line is, but this sounds like it's gone beyond that. At this point I think it is up to his parent to make sure he is getting appropriate care that does not come at the expense of other children's well being. While "mean" and sometimes "wild" people are a part of life, this child's behavior could negatively impact the other children's emotional growth...they may start to feel like this is normal behavior. Good luck!
> 60 days ago

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