stephanie58 asks:

How do I get my six year old son to want to stay at school?

My son's school calls me at least three times a week because he has said he is sick I need to know how to get him to want to stay at school? This has been going on for far to long and I need it to stop.
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Feb 18, 2010
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This is a tricky situation.  Here is a list of check points I would go through to determine the cause of his "illness".

Meet with the teacher to see if she observes any bullying.  Maybe there is another child in the class that is bothering him.

Volunteer in the classroom.  Observe things for yourself.  See how the teacher reacts to him as well as the other students.  He may feel safe when you are there and not feel sick.  

Ask the teacher to keep notes about what happens just before he feels ill.  there might be a partner.  For example, it might be after lunch.  If he is eating the school lunch he might be allergic to something in the food that is triggering the feeling.  Or it might happen just before reading group because he is having trouble learning to read.  Look for patterns.

Talk to other parents of students in the class.  Sometimes children go home and tell their parents stories about who is being picked on.  Also, you child may have told them what is really going on.

Check with your doctor.  You son might need a full physical.  Explain to your child that you are concerned and that he may have to go through a series of tests to figure out what is wrong.  There may be a real physical problem.

Check with the school's guidance counselor.  They probably have had a similar situation occur and know how to handle your son's problem.

Keep the lines of communication open with your son.  

Hope this helps.

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SallyB writes:
First, I agree with BarbK, but if you do not find anything after that, then I would suggest starting a reward system at home for making it through the day without calling home.  I would try small daily rewards building to a larger weekly reward,  such as a lollipop or sticker after school if he doesn't call, and then an icecream or a new book at the end of the week if he goes all 5 days w/o calling.  (Non food rewards are great but can get more expensive- it just has to be something he will like).  Maybe some incentives will help him get out of this pattern!  Good luck!
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yuri34 writes:
if your son does not listen just home school him
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