TReddon asks:

Yes, I have a five year old who just started school back in August 2010. My son recently just started crying and throwing serious tantrums in class.

How can we make our son stop crying and throwing tantrums in class? This situation is becoming over whelming with the teachers and his report card may not be good for this quarter. My son teacher and group of specialist wants to consider my child for special education but here recently they had reconsider because he show improvement. The teacher and specialists wanted us to have him working more independently with no distractions in a quiet room. Therefore, I have been working with him on focusing by looking at me while I talk and giving instructions. Next, I have my son working independently and the work gets completed within 10-15 minutes. My son is very smart and know all of the work that giving to him daily at home but once he go back to school he doesn't want to complete his work. Please let me know what we are doing wrong.
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> 60 days ago