Fact Sheet: You Can't Get Pregnant if You Do it Standing Up…and Other Myths (for Teens)

— National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Updated on Jul 26, 2010

Myth: You can't get pregnant if

  • It's your first time;
  • If you're both virgins;
  • When the girl is having her period;
  • If the guy pulls out before he ejaculates or if he doesn't go all the way in;
  • If you have sex in a pool or hot tub;
  • If the girl douches after sex;
  • If both partners don't orgasm at the same time;
  • If the girl jumps up and down after sex (to get all the sperm out);
  • If the girl pushes really hard on her belly button after sex;
  • If the girl takes a shower or bath right away;
  • If the girl is on top during sex;
  • If the guy drinks a two-liter Mountain Dew before sex (to kill the sperm); or
  • If the girl makes herself sneeze for fifteen minutes after sex.

Myth: Contraception

  • Having contraception readily available makes you a slut (girls) or makes it look like you are expecting sex (boys);
  • If you use birth control pills now you will have trouble having kids later;
  • It is OK to use your friend or sister's birth control pills;
  • You can use plastic wrap if you don't have a condom;
  • You only take birth control pills when you are going to have sex;
  • Girls can get cancer if they're on the pill; or
  • After a certain point in the relationship you don't have to use condoms anymore.

Myth: Health and Sex

  • Sex equals love and commitment;
  • People can't get STDs from having oral sex;
  • If you use a tampon before you have sex, you're not a virgin anymore;
  • A guy/girl will know if you're a virgin; or
  • If you stop having sex with a guy once he's aroused, he will be in serious pain; or
  • If you only have sex with healthy people you don't need a condom.
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