Grammar Lesson: Adjective, Adverb and Prepositional Phrases Review

By — John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Updated on Dec 13, 2010

Adjective and Adverb Phrases Review

On the line before each sentence, write ADJ if the underlined prepositional phrase is an adjective phrase or ADVB if it is an adverb phrase.

  1. ____ The magician with his rabbit entertained the crowd.
  2. ____ With the rabbit, the magician entertained the crowd.
  3. ____ During the storm we were quite frightened.
  4. ____ The noise during the storm frightened us.
  5. ____ Some information in this book helped me with my report.
  6. ____ Sean left his pencil in this book.
  7. ____ We found the missing coins on the track.
  8. ____ The shoes on the track are Roberta's.
  9. ____ The news program at five o'clock features local stories.
  10. ____ We ate dinner at five o'clock.
  11. ____ These planes directly above us are moving quite rapidly.
  12. ____ The planes moved very fast above us.
  13. ____ These plans for the new recreation center are fabulous!
  14. ____ Much money was donated for the new recreation center.
  15. ____ In the taxi cab, we had a heated conversation.
  16. ____ Our conversation in the taxi cab was heated.
  17. ____ The benches in our backyard are brand new.
  18. ____ Dad moved the benches into our backyard.
  19. ____ Have you met our new senator from Vermont?
  20. ____ We are four hours away from Vermont.

Prepositional Phrases Review

Underline the prepositional phrase in each sentence. Then write ADJ on the line before the sentence if the phrase is an adjective phrase or ADVB if it is an adverb phrase.

  1. ____ The lawn was seeded today by the maintenance workers.
  2. ____ We will open the museum's doors in a few minutes.
  3. ____ Tickets to tomorrow night's concert will be sold starting this morning.
  4. ____ There is a hint within every sentence.
  5. ____ Several investigators asked us questions during their investigation.
  6. ____ In fact, I do remember that funny incident.
  7. ____ Water in this tank must be drained often.
  8. ____ Without much fanfare the actress greeted her admiring fans.
  9. ____ The student finished reading the book that was in her van.
  10. ____ The Senior Citizens Center requested donations instead of something else.
  11. ____ Barbara's bicycle with the basket should be moved soon.
  12. ____ The view from Hester's living room is breathtaking.
  13. ____ No lifeguard is on duty now.
  14. ____ Such a wondrous event had not taken place near our house.
  15. ____ Grab the rope with both hands.
  16. ____ The buoy was bobbing in the bay.
  17. ____ The buoys in the ocean were bobbing.
  18. ____ We had waited for a very long time.
  19. ____ Rachel's look of surprise confused us.
  20. ____ The minister looked up into the heavens.


  • Adjective and Adverb Phrases' Review

Sentences 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, and 19 include adjective phrases.

Sentences 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, and 20 include adverb phrases.

  • Prepositional Phrases' Review
    1. ADVB—by the maintenance workers
    2. ADVB—in a few minutes
    3. ADJ—to tomorrow night's concert
    4. ADVB—within every sentence
    5. ADVB—during their investigation
    6. ADVB—in fact
    7. ADJ—in this tank
    8. ADVB—Without much fanfare
    9. ADVB—in her van
    10. ADVB—instead of something else
    11. ADJ—with the basket
    12. ADJ—from Hester's living room
    13. ADVB—on duty
    14. ADVB—near our house
    15. ADVB—with both hands
    16. ADVB—in the bay
    17. ADJ—in the ocean
    18. ADVB—for a very long time
    19. ADJ—of surprise
    20. ADVB—into the heavens
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