Grammar Lesson: The Apostrophe (page 2)

By — John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Updated on Dec 15, 2010

Activity 2

On the line next to each number, form the possessive form of the person, place, or thing using an apostrophe.

  1. ____ the scarf that belongs to the woman
  2. ____ the scarf that belongs to Helen
  3. ____ the scarves that belong to the women
  4. ____ the bike that is owned by the boy
  5. ____ the bike that is owned by Chris
  6. ____ the bikes that are owned by the boys
  7. ____ the room occupied by the baby
  8. ____ the room occupied by the babies
  9. ____ the opinions of everybody
  10. ____ the ideas of my uncle
  11. ____ the backpack belonging to someone
  12. ____ the home of my brother-in-law
  13. ____ the car owned by Jim and Nicole
  14. ____ the cars separately owned by Nicole and Jim
  15. ____ the magazine of this month


Activity 1

  1. Mary's pictures
  2. John's sister-in-law's coat
  3. Les's speech
  4. Fred and Garrett's space
  5. Demetrius' address

Activity 2

  1. the woman's scarf
  2. Helen's scarf
  3. the women's scarves
  4. the boy's bike
  5. Chris's bike
  6. the boys' bikes
  7. the baby's room
  8. the babies' room
  9. everybody's opinions
  10. my uncle's ideas
  11. someone's backpack
  12. my brother-in-law's home
  13. Jim and Nicole's car
  14. Nicole's and Jim's cars
  15. this month's magazine
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