Classroom Behaviors of Gifted Children

By — Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
Updated on Jul 20, 2010

Does the child

  • Ask a lot of questions?
  • Show a lot of interest in progress?
  • Have in-depth information on many things?
  • Often want to know why or how something is so?
  • Become unusually upset at injustices?
  • Seem interested in and concerned about social or political problems?
  • Often have a better reason for not doing what you want done than you have asking them to do it?
  • Refuse to drill on spelling, mathematics, facts, flash cards, or handwriting?
  • Criticize others for dumb ideas?
  • Become impatient if work is not "perfect"?
  • Seem to be a loner?
  • Seem bored and often have nothing to do?
  • Complete only part of an assignment or project and then take off in a new direction?
  • Stick to a subject long after the class has gone on to other things?
  • Seem restless and leave his or her seat often?
  • Daydream?
  • Seem to understand easily?
  • Like solving puzzles and problems?
  • Have his or her own idea about how something should be done? And stay with it?
  • Talk a lot?
  • Love metaphors and abstract ideas?
  • Love debating issues?

This child may be showing giftedness through cognitive ability.

Does the child

  • Show unusual ability in some area—maybe reading or mathematics?
  • Show fascination with one field of interest? And manage to include this interest in all discussion topics?
  • Enjoy meeting or talking with experts in this field?
  • Get mathematics answers correct, but find it difficult to tell you how?
  • Enjoy graphing everything? Seem obsessed with probabilities?
  • Invent new obscure systems and codes?

This child may be showing giftedness through academic ability.

Does the child

  • Try to do things in different, unusual, imaginative ways?
  • Have a really zany sense of humor?
  • Enjoy new routines or spontaneous activities?
  • Love variety and novelty?
  • Create problems with no apparent solutions? And enjoy asking you to solve them?
  • Love controversial and unusual questions?
  • Have a vivid imagination?
  • Seem never to proceed sequentially?

This child may be showing giftedness through creative ability.

Does the child

  • Organize and lead group activities? Sometimes take over?
  • Enjoy taking risks?
  • Seem cocky, self-assured?
  • Enjoy decision making? Stay with that decision?
  • Synthesize ideas and information from a lot of different sources?

This child may be showing giftedness through leadership ability.

Does the child

  • Seem to pick up skills in the artssmusic, dance, drama, or painting, for example-without instruction?
  • Invent new techniques? Experiment?
  • See minute detail in products or performances?
  • Have high sensory sensitivity?

This child may be showing giftedness through visual or performing arts ability.

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