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The formats for an activities sheet on the Common App, the UCA, and a college’s own application vary slightly, but the information contained on all of them is pretty similar. You need to list the activity (club or organization), the grade level (9, 10, 11, 12), the number of hours per week, positions held, honors or awards received, and on some forms whether you will participate in this activity in college.

You can estimate the number of hours per week as best as possible. You should be accurate in your information, especially in leadership positions. Some applications instruct you to submit information in the extracurricular activities section of the application, even if you intend to attach a separate résumé. You can have separate sections for honors/awards and work/summer experiences. Do not list abbreviations or acronyms (i.e., P.A.S.T. club), which someone from outside your school may not know. Describe any organizations/activities which are not self-explanatory.

If you are planning to pursue a business-related degree, you may want to attach a traditional résumé format (see third sample brag sheet) as it looks more professional and business oriented. Some examples of brag sheets follow on the next several pages.


Ilana R. Picasso

Extracurricular Activities Page 1 of 2

Activity Grades Participated Description Approx. HRS/WK Positions Held
Yearbook 12 Supervise students on the art committee, select and create artwork 2 hrs/wk Art Editor
Drama Club 10-12 Create artwork for plays using various media, supervise construction of scenery and backdrops 10 hrs/wk from November–April Art Director
Art Club 9-12 Recruit new members, coordinate fundraising, plan events, and run meetings 1 hr/wk

President (12)

Member (9–11)

Art Academy 11-12 Assist children with art projects after school, prepare and clean art supplies 2 hrs/wk Instructor
Volleyball Team 10-12 Member of junior varsity and varsity teams 1 hr/wk Member
Artistic Designs Summer 2008 Interned with art director, assisted in creating layouts for advertising company 30 hrs/wk Intern


Ilana R. Picasson

Extracurricular Activities Page 2 of 2

Awards/Honors Grades
First place in Art Teachers’ Association poster contest 11
Honorable Mention in statewide art contest 11
Cover art selected for local publication 11
Artwork selected for display in local museum 11
Most Valuable Player: Volleyball 11
National Honor Society 11
National Spanish Honor Society 10-11



Kimberly I. Kennedy

Extracurricular Activities

Activity Grades Approx. Hrs/Wk Position/Honors Participate in College
Mock Trial 9-12 3 hrs/wk Captain (11-12) Yes
Current Events Club 11-12 1 hr/wk Founder No
Model Congresses 11-12 NA Delegate Yes
Anti-Bullying Program 10-12 2 hrs/wk Presenter No
Blood Drive 9-12 NA Coordinator (12); Participant (9-11) Yes
Key Club 9-12 2 hrs/wk Vice President (12); Member (9-11) Yes
Judge Potter Summer 2008 25 hrs/wk Intern Yes
Leg. Sam Cooke Summer 2007 25 hrs/wk Campaign Volunteer Yes
Camp ABC Summer 2006 40 hrs/wk Counselor Yes/No


Kimberly I. Kennedy: Honors/Awards

Regional Winners Mock Trial Team–2008

AP Scholar

Spanish National Honor Society

National Honor Society




123 College Avenue      Home:  123-345-6789

Anywhere, US 11234     Cell:     123-345-6788


Stock Market Team, Captain  September 2005–June 2009

Led team to third place finish statewide

Business Manager, Yearbook  September 2008–June 2009

Raised $20,000 in ads to cover costs of Yearbook

Fundraising Chair, Local Charity  September 2008–June 2009

Led committee which raised $5,000 for Breast Cancer

Math Team, Member  September 2006–June 2009

Traveled with math team to competitions

Our team placed 1st two years in a row

College Bowl Team, Member  September 2006–June 2009

Junior Varsity and Varsity member

Math Tutor  September 2006–June 2009

Tutored peers in algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus


eBay Business  September 2007–June 2009

Buy/sell comic books, made profit of $3,750

ABC Hedgefund Intern  Summer 2008

Shadowed Hedgefund manager

ABC Camp Counselor  Summers 2006 and 2007

Responsible for 5th-grade boys


Top 3 in school in American Mathematics Competition  12th Grade

Top 10 in county math competition  11th Grade

Bronze medal in local college math fair  11th Grade

AP Scholar  11th Grade

Math award  10th Grade


Abraham Lincoln High School  September 2005–June 2009


eBay, stock market, trivia, sports, Scrabble

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