Common Characteristics of Highly Gifted Individuals

By — Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hall
Updated on Jul 20, 2010
  • An extraordinary speed in processing information
  • A rapid and thorough comprehension of the whole idea or concept
  • An unusual ability to perceive essential elements and underlying structures and patterns in relationships and ideas
  • A need for precision in thinking and expression, resulting in need to correct errors and argue extensively
  • An ability to relate a broad range of ideas and synthesize commonalities among them
  • A high degree of ability to think abstractly that develops early
  • Appreciation of complexity; finding myriad alternative meanings in even the most simple issues or problems
  • An ability to learn in an integrative, intuitively nonlinear manner
  • An extraordinary degree of intellectual curiosity
  • An unusual capacity for memory
  • A long concentration span
  • A fascination with ideas and words
  • An extensive vocabulary
  • An ability to perceive many sides of an issue
  • Argumentativeness
  • Advanced visual and motor skills
  • An ability from an early age to think in metaphors and symbols and a preference for doing so
  • An ability to visualize models and systems
  • An ability to learn in great intuitive leaps
  • Highly idiosyncratic interpretations of events
  • An awareness of detail
  • An unusual intensity and depth of feeling
  • A high degree of emotional sensitivity
  • Highly developed morals and ethics and early concern for moral and existential issues
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues
  • An ability to empathetically understand and relate to ideas and other people
  • An extraordinarily high energy level
  • A need for the world to be logical and fair
  • A conviction of correctness of personal ideas and beliefs
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