Grammar Lesson: Compound Subjects (page 2)

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Updated on Dec 14, 2010


Underline the correct verb in each sentence.

  1. Laverne and Shirley (was, were) one of my grandmother's favorite shows.
  2. Both the eggs and the cream (has, have) been ordered by our food specialist.
  3. The bat and the catcher's mask (is, are) in the dugout.
  4. Neither the stars nor the sun (was, were) discussed at length.
  5. Either she or they (is, are) prepared to address the press corps now.
  6. Neither the muscles nor the joint (has, have) yet to be covered in our anatomy class.
  7. These cards and that board game (occupies, occupy) my grandfather's afternoons.
  8. (Do, Does) the magician or the clowns entertain you more?
  9. (Has, Have) these books or that magazine article captured your interest?
  10. Either the trombone or the clarinet (is, are) the instrument that you can play in this orchestra.
  11. Either the plate or the utensils (is, are) ready to be placed on the table now.
  12. Pride and Prejudice (is, are) Patsy's favorite book.
  13. Both the writers and their publishers (was, were) on attendance.
  14. Neither the sailboat nor these kayaks (is, are) on sale until next week.
  15. The book's author and illustrator (are, is) Patricia Polacco.


  1. was
  2. have
  3. are
  4. was
  5. are
  6. has
  7. occupy
  8. Do
  9. Has
  10. is
  11. are
  12. is
  13. were
  14. are
  15. is
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